Prices for heat pumps

Here we go through what affects prices for a heat pump and how you can best reduce the price of buying and installing your heat pump.

Price heat pump

To be able to estimate what a heat pump costs to install and operate, you need to look at three things to be able to calculate what the actual price of the heat pump will be: the labor cost of the installation, the material cost of the heat pump itself and accessories such as hose and electric cassette, and set the costs against the savings you make per year after your heat pump is running. Always take in several different price proposals (for example through this service for heat pumps) and find the price of heat pump that suits you best.

It is important to include the savings you make because it is this amount that determines whether the price is good or not. Most homeowners today can often get a heat pump that pays for itself within ten years. In other words, you make a saving in ten years that is equal to or greater than the total price for the heat pump. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether a heat pump for 50,000 is cheap or if one for 100,000 is expensive – it is your potential savings that are important.

Different forms of heat pumps have different conditions in terms of price. Here you can read more about the cost of ground heating, for example, and click here for a price guide specifically about air / water heat pumps.

Example price calculation for heat pump

If we assume that you install a geothermal heat pump (however, the calculation can just as easily be applied to different types of heat pumps):

Material cost heat pump (geothermal)

  • Geothermal heat pump $ .. $ 6,000
  • Collector hose and other accessories… .. $ 2,000

Labor cost heat pump (geothermal)

  • Labor cost installation $ $ 1,000
  • Labor cost excavation for hose…. $ 3,000

Tax-deduction heat pump
With the tax deduction, you get to halve the labor cost part of the price for the heat pump. With the above example, this means that the total price of a heat pump will be:

  • Material cost… $ 8,000
  • Labor cost… .. $ 4,000

Labor cost after tax deduction $ .. $ 2,000

Total price for installation and purchase of heat pump… .. $ 10,000

Typical prices for heat pumps

Material cost for heat pump

The material cost for heat pumps is usually between $ 1,000 and $ 7,000, plus $ 1,000 – $ 2,000 for materials and accessories in addition to the heat pump itself.

Labor cost for heat pump

In general, you can count on between $ 1,000 and $ 2,500 for the labor cost. However, the price will be higher if more advanced measures are also taken, for example when drilling for rock heat.

Saving with heat pump

With a heat pump you can reduce your energy costs by up to 80 percent, although the exact savings vary greatly depending on whether it is geothermal (eg geothermal or geothermal) or air-heating, which model you have, how your energy consumption is with more. But it is certain that you will get a lower bill for the heat. A normal saving is around 50 percent compared to the heating cost before the heat pump installation.

The easiest way to calculate the savings is to talk to different installers and get their expert opinion. Let the heat pump companies submit quotes and make calculations for you – then you are the customer in the driver’s seat to be able to choose the solution and the installer that offers the best price and the best possible savings in the long term.

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