Buy a heat pump

So you have decided to buy a heat pump – here are the points you need to keep track of in order to make the right choice and get a heat pump deal as cheaply as possible and with maximum savings. Follow our checklist and you will buy a heat pump (price guide via the link) as if you were an expert in the field.

Buying a heat pump – why?

First you should ask yourself why you want a heat pump and if you want to lower it. For most people, the economy is crucial – with a heat pump you can lower your heating costs significantly. The biggest savings are made by those who go from direct-acting electric heating to a heat pump, then the savings can be up to 70-80 percent. But even you who already have waterborne heat (radiators / elements) can make big savings by buying a heat pump. For most people, buying a heat pump within ten years will be a pure bargain.

Another argument for a heat pump is that it is relatively environmentally friendly energy – the heat that is utilized is stored in the soil or in the air and comes directly from the sun. It is thus a question of a clean energy source that does not use fossil fuels.

Buy a heat pump cheaply

Today, the number of types and brands of heat pumps has become so large that there is a wide price range for heat pumps. Everything from cheap to expensive. However, our advice is not to automatically say that “cheapest is best”, but what is relevant in this context is how much the heat pump you buy actually reduces the bill for heat each month / quarter. Thus, a heat pump for $ 15.000 can sometimes be cheaper than one for $ 3.000 – it all depends on the possible savings. If you want to immerse yourself in how much you save with, for example, a geothermal heat pump, this text is recommended.

Find your way in the heat pump jungle

Here are some good links for you as a villa to get started with buying your heat pump:

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