10 tips when you want to install a heat pump yourself

Here are 10 simple and concrete tips for you who want to install a heat pump yourself. Whether you carry out the work yourself, in whole or in part, or if you hire a heat pump installer, the goal is the same – a heat pump that works as efficiently as possible and that reduces your running costs for heating. Here are the top 10 tips for a heat pump installation!

1. Choose the right heat pump

Different types of heat pumps have different conditions and which one is best for your particular house depends on your conditions. The one with a large plot should perhaps primarily look at a ground source heat pump, while the one with an open floor plan is perhaps most interested in an air source heat pump. You can read more about which heat pump you should choose in our guide to different types of heat pumps. See also this guide to heat pump air water.

2. Start from your heating needs

Just as it is important to choose the right type of heat pump, it is also important to install a heat pump that is correctly dimensioned for your household’s conditions. There are various powerful heat pumps and you should make sure that your heat pump covers a large part of your house’s need for heat without having to pay for a heat pump with a higher power than necessary.

3. Install the heat pump from the correct supplier

Today, the heat pump market in Sweden is larger than ever and it includes large international players as well as smaller Swedish companies that work with heat pumps. For a selection of companies that deal with heat pumps in Sweden, we recommend our guide to suppliers of heat pumps.

4. Install the heat pump yourself?

If you want to handle all the work of installing the heat pump, you should ensure that you have the skills required to succeed with installation. Remember that an incorrectly performed installation can cause both your insurance and the heat pump’s warranty to expire.

5. The steps during an installation

If you choose to outsource the installation of your heat pump in whole or in part to a contractor, you can briefly take a position on the following steps in the work, and which you then want to pay for:

Calculation of the house’s heating needs and dimensioning of the heat pump.
Possible excavation work or drilling.
Possible installation of hose that captures heat.
Installation of the heat pump itself.
Connection to the house’s heat distribution system, waterborne or airborne.

6. Economic aspects

Of course, installing a heat pump yourself will be cheaper than letting an installer company do the work. But today there is the TAX deduction, which can make it more advantageous than expected to hire someone for the work. You can then deduct half of the labor cost for the installation up to $10,000 (ie a top deduction of $5,000). Click on the link to receive quotes from certified companies that can install a heat pump free of charge.

7. Ask the installer questions

Once you have received your quotes, it is time to look at these carefully to choose the one that best suits your needs. Do not be afraid to ask about everything you are unsure about your heat pump, and ask the installer for references from previous customers. Simply take advantage of the fact that there are many players who want you as a customer!

8. Write an agreement with the person who installs your heat pump

After you have accepted the quote and asked the questions you want answered, you must sign an agreement with the heat pump installer about what is included in the price you have to pay, what the total price will be, and what part is labor cost (since this is affected by the TAX deduction). With a written agreement, there is no ambiguity between you and the chance of a successful deal for both parties increases.

9. See the cost in a longer perspective

Do not forget to calculate the cost of the heat pump and installation in relation to how much money you save with it. For most people who install a heat pump today, it has repaid itself within 5-10 years. So even though it may be a large one-time cost, it is the long-term profitability you should focus on.

In-depth study of installing a heat pump yourself

For those of you who want to know more, we recommend our analyzes of the cost of a heat pump and how a heat pump works.